Closer Libyan-Jordanian medical cooperation

By Sami Zaptia.

The Tripoli-based Ministry of Health has agreed a contract with Jordan’s Al Hussein Cancer Centre (Tripoli MoH).

London, 23 June 2019:

An agreement  was reached between the Tripoli-based Ministry of Health and the Jordanian Al-Hussein Cancer Center, which provides for the standardization of medicines, entry, medical and clinical billing between Jordanian and Libyan citizens, Tripoli’s Ministry of Health reported last Thurday.

Libyan patients will now receive integrated medical services according to the price list approved by the Jordanian Ministry of Health and the Jordan Medical Association.

The Tripoli Ministry of Health reported that the Al Hussein Cancer Center is one of the three most important international centers in its field.

The Ministry of Health said that this agreement is part of its plan to contract with specialized international centers through “documentary payments” with the approval of Tripoli’s Audit Bureau and Tripoli’s Central Bank of Libya.

Besides easing the transfer of patients and providing medical services, the move will reduce cash payments and corruption in billing.

It should also reduce demand for black-market foreign currency and reduce the black-market Libyan Dinar exchange rate.

The agreement also includes visits by the Jordanians to Libya with the aim of standardizing therapeutic protocols and following up on cases during the treatment phase.

The agreement hopes to “revitalize the medical environment in Libya during the future stage”, through the rehabilitation of medical centers specializing in oncology in Libya so that they can provide sustainable medical services enabling the Libyan state to reduce the cost of future treatment. The agreement also included the provision of workshops between experts in the two countries to exchange experiences.

The Libyan Ministry of Health is also considering contracting with other Jordanian hospitals specializing in cardiac surgery and other diseases based on the Libyan Ministry of Health’s Standard list of diseases that require treatment at this outside the country.

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