UNSMIL’s Williams meets HoR members in Tobruk as part of a wider round of meetings in east

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 8 July 2019:

UNSMIL and Ghassan Salame’s Deputy for Political Affairs, Stephanie Williams, met a number of House of Representatives (HoR) members at the parliament’s seat in Tobruk on Sunday, as part of her wider round of meetings in eastern Libya.

The HoR reported that they had discussed the latest political, economic and humanitarian developments in Libya and the efforts of UNSMIL in this regard.

The HoR also reported that a number of them stressed the (Libyan National) army’s actions in the fight against “terrorism and armed militias” in the west of the country and the “inability of the Presidential Council” to act freely as it has become a “hostage to the armed militias” in Tripoli.

The HoR members also denounced the Turkish-Qatari intervention in Libyan affairs and called on the United Nations to intervene in this violation of the sovereignty of a Member State of the United Nations and the violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

UNSMIL, for their part, reported that Williams had reiterated the commitment of UNSMIL’s leadership to engage with all parties in Libya, and work with all to address the country’s political and economic crisis.

As part of her wider trip to the east seen as an effort to relaunch a political dialogue rather than the ongoing fighting, Williams had met various NGOs political activists and mayors in Tobruk, Derna, Benghazi and Shahat over the previous three days.

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