Third Annual Libyan Banking Forum opens in Tunis

By Sami Zaptia.

The Third Annual Libyan Banking Forum opened in Tunis today (Photo: BSDF.COM.LY).

London, 11 July 2019:

The Third Annual Libyan Banking Forum opened in Tunis this morning, where current session chair, ATIB Bank Chairman, Noman Al Bouri, and a number of heads of banking boards opened the Banking Plus exhibition held on the sidelines of the forum.

The first session of the forum discussed the automation of banking operations in Libya, during which participants stressed the importance of switching to electronic services in the banking sector as a solution to ensure the safety of citizens’ and bankworkers in light of the Libya’s security crisis.

The session was attended by Ahmed Al Mehoub, Technical Advisor of the Central Bank of Libya, Omar Fischer, Strategic Advisor to the Islamic Development Bank, Aladdin Khmeera, Director of Tadawil Technology Company, Khalid Al Baybas, Chairman of The Tracks Technology Company, and Managing Director Farouk Al Obaidi, General Manager of AlSaray Bank for Trade and Investment (ATIB).

Aladdin Khimera, General Manager of Tadawil Technology Company, stressed in his talk on this subject that the citizen has become more receptive to the idea of electronic payment, and the improved infrastructure, and the will of commercial banks to develop their services and teams so that they can meet the needs of the current time.

“The integration of the government sector with the private sector contributes to the spread of financial technology, and there are practical steps taken in this regard by the central bank in the hope that it will bear fruit,” said Ahmed Al-Mehoub, Technical Advisor to the Central Bank of Libya.

Speakers discussed a number of ideas and insights on automating banking processes, followed by focused discussions with attendees who contributed their questions and comments to the discussion.

Day two of the Forum continues tomorrow.


The 3rd Annual Banking Forum will take place July 11-12, Lico Hotel, Tunis



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