Eastern Libya invites BOT offer from German company to recycle waste for energy production

By Sami Zaptia.

Libya’s eastern-based government has invited a German company to make a BOT offer to recycle waste and produce energy (Eastern-based LANA).

London, 17 July 2019:

Abdalla Thinni, the “Pime Minister” of Libya’s eastern-based “Interim Government” met a representative of a German company on Monday to discuss ways of using garbage recycling in alternative energy production, the eastern-based branch of Libya’s official state news agency LANA reported.

The report says the meeting came on the back of the Interim Government’s success in eliminating the hygiene crisis in various areas of the east, including the municipality of Benghazi.

It reports that the recycling move comes as part of the Interm Government’s ongoing quest to find a radical and lasting solution to the hygiene issue.

The report says (restrict) Thinni, together with other Ministers, discussed with the director of the German group specialized in garbage recycling and the production of electricity generated by the garbage recycling process mechanisms for implementing such garbage recycling programmes in Libya.

The report says the German company was invited to submit proposals on a BOT basis for the project through the eastern Ministry of Local Government.

The report did not mention the name of the German company’s representative nor the German company’s name. (/restrict)

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