Libyan North America scholarship students receive second quarter payment

By Sami Zaptia.


London, 30 August 2019:

The Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE), the entity contracted by the Tripoli Ministry of Education to process its North America government scholarship fees, confirmed on Wednesday that it had completed the processing of funds it had received on 19 August from the Tripoli government for the 2019 second quarter monthly living allowances.

It reported that it had promptly processed monies for April, May and June this year by Friday 23 August. CBIE said that it had not yet received funds for 2019/20 tuition and health insurance expenses, but that the Tripoli Education Ministry had assured it that the transfer is in-process and expected soon.

It added that it was aware that most educational institutions in North America had already started or soon will be starting the autumn 2019 semester but said it was unable to issue Financial Support Letters guaranteeing tuition and insurance coverage for the autumn 2019 term until the annual programme budget was received from Libya. It nevertheless conveyed Libya’s ongoing commitment to scholarship students in North America.

CBIE welcomed any flexibility that could be provided by North American educational institutions in extending deadlines so that Libyan students are not dropped from their courses and do not fall out of their academic and immigration status. If this occurs, students would be forced to leave North America or remain illegally.


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