Libyan Businessmen Council to open a new branch in south Libya

By Sami Zaptia.

The Libyan Businessmen Council is to open a new branch in south Libya (Photo: LBC)

London, 10 September 2019:

The Libyan Businessmen Council (LBC), Libya’s only recognized business council, announced on Sunday that it is to open a new branch in the south of Libya. It already has a very active branch in Benghazi covering the eastern region.

The revelation comes after LBC board members met with a delegation of business leaders at its Tripoli headquarters from Libya’s southern region on Thursday.

The LBC said that the meeting was a follow-up on previous meetings held regarding the opening of an LBC office in southern Libya.

The that meeting discussed the importance of the LBC having an office in the south to serve the people of the southern Libya. The LBC said that the southern region of Libya is characterized by fertile and rich natural and human resources that can be used to build a solid economy and sustainable development projects that benefit the region and all parts of Libya.

The meeting concluded by determining the initial arrangements for the establishment of this new office in accordance with the Executive Regulations of the LBC and what actual steps should be taken in this direction.

Speaking to Libya Herald by phone from Tripoli today, LBC Chairman Abdalla Fellah stressed that business leaders from the south had always been members of the LBC over the decades. However, he felt that it was time for the south to open its own regional branch to better represent and drive business and business issues in the region. He also felt the south now had the necessary minimum number of business leaders, which is required by internal regulations, in order to join and form a separate southern branch.

Moreover, Fellah was keen to stress that the LBC was very much a business organization devoted to matters of business and not concerned with high politics. Equally, he felt it was time the south had its own branch and be on an equal footing to Tripoli and Benghazi.



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