Italy to help restore Libyan antiquities

By Sami Zaptia.

Italy to help Libya restore its antiquities (Libyan embassy, Rome).

London, 18 September 2019:

Italy is to help Libya in restoring its antiquities.

The news was revealed by the Libyan embassy in Rome on Monday. It reported that the first meeting between the Libyan Department of Antiquities and Italian archaeological missions specialized in the field of antiquities working in Libya, in the presence of the Italian Foreign Ministry, was held in Rome on Monday.

The embassy reported that it expected work to “begin in the near future” in coordination between the two sides, but without committing to a date.

The first meeting focused on how to start restoring the ancient ruins of Leptis, Sabratha and Shahat, the embassy reported.

Meanwhile, it added that the Italian side undertook to train young Libyan cadres interested in the field of antiquities and heritage in order to raise their efficiency.

It was also agreed that there would be an exchange of archives and Italian support for Libya in building its central archives.

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