Municipality of Central Tripoli collects 1,372 tons of rubbish off streets over four days

By Sami Zaptia.

The Municipality of Central Tripoli has published the volumes of rubbish it has collected over a four day period (Photo: MCT).

London, 1 October 2019:

In an effort to show that it is doing its utmost to solve Tripoli’s rubbish collection problem, the Municipality of Central Tripoli has published the volumes of garbage it has collected off Tripoli’s streets.

For example, during a four-day period from 26 to 29 September it reported that it had collected a total of 1,372 tons of rubbish.

On 26 September it collected 170 tons filling 23 trucks. On the 27th  it cleared 290 tons that filled 36 trucks. While on the 28th September it cleared 456 tons filling 57 trucks.Finally, on 29th another 456 tons were cleared.

Municipality of Central Tripoli said that the daily quantities of garbage on the streets that needed collection were increasing as garbage from outside the municipality was being dumped within its boundaries.

More importantly, it highlighted the main cause of the problem by reminding the public that the main garbage dumping site at Sidi Sayeh was closed due to it being in the battle front in Tripoli’s war, and that the transition site at Bu Sleem was now full.

The Municipality of Central Tripoli’s media effort to allay the public’s fears regarding the garbage problem comes after many of Tripoli’s streets became mini mountains of rubbish along many corners and central reservations.

It must be kept in mind that these volumes of rubbish are only for the Municipality of Central Tripoli and do not cover the larger residential municipalities.

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