After new elections, members of Libya’s Supreme Judiciary Council hold first meeting in Tripoli

By Sami Zaptia.

After the election of new members, the Supreme Judicial Council held its first meeting in Tripoli yesterday (Photo: Supreme Judicial Council).

London, 7 October 2019:

Libya’s Supreme Judiciary Council announced yesterday the completion of the elections of its members. It said it was proud to announce that despite the country’s political split the Council was able to democratically and smoothly elect its members in a transparent manner, safeguarding its independence and integrity.

At its first meeting held in Tripoli yesterday, the newly elected Council celebrated the fact that over the last five years of political division in the country, it has been able to continue to operate independently and as one unified judicial system.

It noted the fighting between fellow citizens which it said it did not support and called on putting the higher national interest above narrower interests.

It also reassured that it will not be embroiled in the country’s political infighting.

It will be recalled that in July this year, the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) had congratulated Libya’s Supreme Judicial Council on the successful election of its members across Libya.

UNSMIL had said that the transparent elections of the Supreme Judicial Council were an example of democracy and peaceful transfer of power in Libya.

It had said that they reflected the independence and professionalism of the judiciary, which is a key institution enhancing the rule of law and human rights in Libya.

They also serve as a source of hope for the Libyan people during this time of conflict, it had added.

UNSMIL had said it highly values the existing partnership with the judiciary and looks forward for further cooperation with the new leadership towards upholding the principles of human rights in Libya.

The Faiez Serraj-led Presidency Council and Government of National Accord had also echoed UNSMIL’s sentiments, adding that it had full confidence in the Judicial Council as part of a civilian Libyan state.


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