Annual Libyan Energy Sector Development Forum to be held in Tunis 21-22 October

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 8 October 2019:

The Annual Libya Energy Sector Development Forum will be held at the LAICO Tunis hotel from 21-22 October. Organizers say it is supported by Libya’s state National Oil Corporation (NOC) and the state General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL).

The event will cover six main themes:

1-The use of modern technologies to enhance the rates of extraction from oil fields

2-Financing a part of the National Oil Corporation’s projects from outside the state budget

3-Securing energy facilities and institutions

4-Power generation capacity

5-Rationalizing consumption and reducing technical and commercial losses

6-Ways to develop energy projects in Libya

Organizers say speakers will include NOC chairman Mustafa Sanalla, GECOL chairman Abdulmajid Hamza, Planning Minister Taher Jehaimi, the General Manager of the Privatization and Investment Board (PIB) and the Mayors of Benghazi and Central Tripoli.

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