The EU and UNDP to give vocational training for 20 young Libyans at Toyota Libya

By Sami Zaptia.

The EU, UNDP and Toyota Libya are cooperating to give vocational training to Libyan youth (Photo: EU Libya).

London, 12 October 2019:

With support from the European Union (EU), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) reached an agreement with Toyota Libya F.Z.C to provide young people with three-month vocational training on car maintenance and repairing, computer skills and English among other disciplines.

On Wednesday, 20 trainees, including internal displaced persons (IDPs), from all across Libya started their classes at Toyota Libya F.Z.C Headquarter in Misrata.

“We are very grateful for this training. It will allow us to gain practical skills that will help us to find jobs to secure a decent life for us and for our families,” said one of the IDP participants, Mr. Altahir Ali.

The organizers said that the initiative aims at helping the Libya to cope with the rising unemployment among recent graduates, promote decent jobs and boost opportunities for youth in Libya.

“We are honoured to contribute to Libyan society, and sincerely hope this program will contribute to strengthening and expanding mutual cooperation between Libya and Japan,” stated the Managing Director CEO of Toyota Libya F.Z.C, Mr. Naohiro Masuda.

The organizers said that his activity is framed within Discover Your Talent, a programme that Toyota Libya has been implementing since 2012 as part of its corporate social responsibility component for Libya.

UNDP supported the initiative in 2018, under the EU-funded ‘Strengthening Local Capacities for Resilience and Recovery’ project implemented in coordination with the Ministry of Local Governance and several Municipalities from East, West and South of Libya.

“UNDP is committed to support local socio-economic development and provide increased opportunities for youth in Libya. We are immersed in several actions towards achieving this goal. This partnership is definitely making the difference in people’s lives. Based on the success of last year, several cities around Libya are interested in this kind of training. There is a big potential to expand UNDP partnership with Toyota Libya, and I am looking forward to continue working together to achieve greater results,” said Mr. Gerardo Noto, UNDP Resident Representative in Libya.

20 young people from Tripoli, Misrata, Sabratha, Azzawi, Sokna, Murzuq, Benghazi, Ubari and Derna developed their capacities at Toyota Libya F.Z.C in 2018. With the new partnership, a total of 60 young people will gain skills that will improve their chances to find a decent job. Next training will start in January 2020.


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