Philippines gives vote of confidence to working conditions in Sirte Oil

By Sami Zaptia.

Philippine Ambassador Cato gave a vote of confidence to Sirte Oil company security and working conditions during his weekend visit (Photo: Sirte Oil Company).

London, 13 October 2019:

The Ambassador of the Philippines to Libya, Elmer Cato, gave a strong vote of confidence yesterday to the working conditions and security situation in Sirte Oil Company, located in Brega, eastern Libya. Brega is two-and-a-half hours drive and 244 km west of the regional capital Benghazi.

During his visit on Friday and Saturday, ambassador Cato paid tribute to the attention received by Filipino workers at Sirte Oil and expressed satisfaction with the security situation and the resulting stability in living and working conditions in the company’s areas of operations.

The ambassador thanked to Sirte Oil for its hospitality to the high-level delegation that he led. He said he wanted through his visit to Sirte Oil to learn more about the general situation both in the country and the company see conditions from a different perspective to that portrayed about conditions in Libya.

Reflecting on the general impression he had received during his visit after meeting with Filipino workers, the ambassador Cato said ‘‘things are much better than we had been led to believe and I am very pleased that we have not heard any complaints and we have not received any negative messages about working here from Filipinos working here.

It is very important for the Philippine government to get a clear picture of the situation on the ground so we can work better.’’

He also noted the long period of employment spent by some of Sirt Oil’s Filipino employees, some of which exceeded to three decades. He added that this indicates that Sirte company really pays great attention to them correctly and that they live like they are in one family. He also noted that Sirte Oil appreciated the work ethic of Filipino employees throughout these decades.

Ambassador Cato said that the Philippine government is interested in the needs of Sirte Oil Company and is looking forward to a common position to overcome obstacles, solve problems and address some concerns.

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