Tripoli ‘‘Food Security’’ extensive conference agenda published

By Sami Zaptia.

The Food Security Forum 3 starts tomorrow at the Agricultural College of Tripoli University (Photo: Food Security 3).

London, 13 October 2019:

Further to our report of 25 September on the Agricultural College of Tripoli University’s conference on food security in Libya from 14-16 October under the banner ‘‘Food Security Forum 3 – Reality and Challenges’’, organizers have published the following conference agenda:

  1. A national strategy for sustainable natural resources and strengthening food security
  2. Realizing food security
  3. Committing to food security and consumer protection
  4. Rising food prices and their effect on food security
  5. Securing food in Libya: Fundamentals, challenges and strategies
  6. Food security and Libya’s state food subsidy policies
  7. Understanding fish consumption and its importance
  8. Poverty of Libyan agricultural policies in achieving food security
  9. Documentation of food bacteria in Libya
  10. Assessing grain and rice mills in Libya
  11. The effects of certain pests on dates
  12. The effects of certain pests on food
  13. A strategic partnership between the private and public sector in food security
  14. The role of the private industrial sector in achieving food security
  15. Improved standards in Libyan food products
  16. Consumer protection in Libya
  17. The role of external inspectors in food security
  18. International agreements on pests/weeds
  19. A comprehensive approach to fighting pests/weeds
  20. The use of spices as pesticides
  21. The use of some chemical pesticides
  22. The use of some specific pesticides
  23. Research projects by the EU
  24. Food security and conservation agriculture
  25. Growing some varieties of potatoes
  26. Improving Libyan grain varieties
  27. Some date varieties from Ghadames
  28. The role of fish consumption in health security



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