Tripoli Health Ministry condemns kidnapping of medics headed to Ghadames

By Sami Zaptia.

The Tripoli Ministry of Health has condemned the kidnapping of 6 medical personnel en route to Ghadames (Tripoli MoH).

London, 13 October 2019:

Libya’s Tripoli-based Health Ministry today condemned in the strongest terms the attack on the humanitarian medical convoy heading to the south western town of Ghadames. Six Libyan medical personnel were reported kidnapped by the Ministry by an unknown group.

It says they were part of a convoy intended to lift the suffering and extend the hand of mercy to the people of the south.

Unconfirmed Libyan media reports had pointed the finger to elements from the city of Zintan. The Health Ministry statement confirmed this indirectly.

The Ministry confirmed that it has reached out to Zintan Municipality and its social leadership through the Crisis and Emergency committee of the Ministry of Health and has expressed its rejection and disturbance of these acts that are criminalised by domestic and international laws.

The Ministry also called upon the leadership of Zintan to work for the immediate release of its detained medical personnel. It called on all official and responsible authorities, including the Ministry of the Interior, to investigate the incident and to intensify efforts to release and protect medical staff and to pursue the criminals.


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