First Libyan Investment Economic Forum, Rabat, Morocco 11-12 November 2019

By Sami Zaptia.

The Libyan Investment Economic Forum will be held in Rabat, Morocco from 11-12 November (Photo: Libya Investment Economic Forum).

London, 17 October 2019:

The First Investment Economic Forum will be held in the Rabat, Morocco from 11-12 November.

Organizers say that the event is being held so as to affirm the strong ties between the Maghreb countries and what they manifest of strategic depth for Libya, and to benefit from the pioneering economic experience of Morocco.

They recall that Morocco contributed largely to supporting the stability in Libya; through incubating the political dialogue in the city of Skhirat in 2015 which resulted in the signing of the Libyan Political Agreement.

The even is organized by the Libyan General Union of the Chambers of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture with the sponsorship of the Libyan Presidential Council and its Ministry of Planning, in cooperation with the Moroccan Ministry of Industry , Investment, Commerce, and Economy, and the Arab Maghreb Chambers of Commerce, Industry, and Services.

Organizers add that achieving political stability requires stability and development on the economic level, thus the idea of the forum arose out of the aim to explore the major investment opportunities in the Libyan economy, and encourage investors to enter the Libyan market and present their current and future projects in Libya.

The forum will also include seminars by officials, experts, and businessmen to discuss all economic and investment matters as well as rebuilding Libya. It also represents an ideal chance for businesspersons to get acquainted on regional and international levels, and provides space for them to network and build investment and economic partnerships.

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