Wazen border crossing redevelopment: a photo report

By Sami Zaptia.

Libya’s Wazen Tunisian border crossing redevelopment is making progress (Social Media).

London, 17 October 2019:

Photographs of the latest stages in the redevelopment of Libya’s Wazen land border crossing with Tunisia emerged this week.

The redevelopment is part of a wider programme to improve the very poor standard of infrastructure and services offered at Libya’s land border crossings.


Libya’s Wazen border crossing with Tunisia is being totally redeveloped as part of a wider development plan by the government of all its border crossings (Photo: Social media).


The new-look border crossing has been more than two years in redevelopment and is expected to be triple its original size. There are six passport processing windows in and out of Libya and a large hanger for customs inspections which also has its own 6 processing windows.

The old single lane road has been expanded into a very wide dual carriageway with a separate lane for goods vehicles and a lane for VIP’s on official duties and ambulances.


Wazen border development (Social media).


It will be recalled that the matter of the redevelopment of the Wazen border crossing was the subject of discussion earlier this month between the Transport Ministry and the Municipality of Nalut, within which the border crossing is located.

It must also be recalled that the Tripoli government had recently made a decision to establish a centre for the management and operation of all of Libya’s land border crossings. This new body will be in charge of all matters related to land border crossings akin to the role played by the Airports and Seaports authorities.


Wazen border crossing, road and Nalut airstrip development discussed


All Libya’s airports and border crossings will receive new maintenance



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