LTT and GIA sign cooperation agreement on electronic connectivity

By Sami Zaptia.

The General Information Authority has signed a cooperation agreement with LTT on e-connectivity (Logo: GIA).

London, 18 October 2019:

Libya’s state Libya Telecom and Technology (LTT) company signed a cooperation agreement yesterday with the state General Information Authority (GIA) to activate the electronic link between the company’s systems and the GIA’s national database through the national data exchange network.

The LTT is the main state Internet Service Provider in Libya and is part of the state Libyan Post and Telecommunications Information Technology Company (LPTIC). The GIA is the prime Libyan state authority in charge of the national database holding information on Libyan citizens, including the vital National ID Number.

The ID number is now critical for Libyans to obtain state salaries, a new electronic passport and the annual hard currency allowance.

The GIA statement reported that under the cooperation agreement, the GIA, as administrator of the national database, provides the LTT basic data on citizens according to the National ID Number.

The agreement also provided for the establishment of a joint working group of the two parties to update and follow up on the agreement on a regular basis and to provide the necessary technical support whenever needed, including during formal holidays, and after formal working hours, to ensure the continued implementation of the agreement.

The agreement comes as part of the integrated framework between the GIA and the various state institutions in connection projects with the national database in its various electronic applications for the purpose of facilitating the services provided by those institutions to citizens.


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