State sectors in east to form unified e-window for speedier procedures

By Sami Zaptia.

Authorities in eastern Libya seek to ease administrative procedures for the public by creating a unified electronic portal (Logo: Benghazi Municipality).

London, 18 October 2019:

Several state sectors and institutions in eastern Libya agreed to establish a unified electronic window to ease the conduct of various administrative procedures, Benghazi Municipality reported.

The meeting on Wednesday was held between representatives of Benghazi Municipality, Benghazi Chamber of Commerce, the eastern office of the Ministry of Economy and the Labour Office.

The meeting discussed how to facilitate administrative services in the eastern region through the integration of the different systems in some entities into one in order to provide unified administrative services to citizens through a one stop system, for a better, faster and more simplified service from a unified point. They also agreed to unify the paper forms that citizens would have to fill-in.

To this end, the attendees agreed on the need to nominate a representative for each sector and issue a stamp dedicated to its sector and to allocate a one stop dedicated headquarters for the presence of delegates to perform their tasks. The one stop would save time and energy to members of the public, saving them the inconvenience of shuttling from one state entity location to another.

The concept of a ‘‘unified window’’ is not a new one to Libya as it had been first established by the then reforming Saif Al-Islam Qaddafi to speed up company formations prior to the 2011 revolution. Nor has the idea of increased use of electronic portals to deliver government services. However, successive governments since the Qaddafi regime have failed to implement this vision.


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