Libya’s El-Feel and Sharara oilfields make electric connectivity

By Sami Zaptia.

Mellitah’s El-Fil and Akakus’s Sharara oilfields establish an electric connection to enable Shara to carry out maintenance on its power station (Photo: MOG).

London, 22 October 2019:

Libya’s El-Feel (Elephant) and Sharara oilfields operated by National Oil Cooperation (NOC) subsidiaries Mellitah Oil and Gas and Akakus Oil Operations respectively, have successfully established an electric connected.

They are about 100 km apart and the project came as part of the cooperation between the various NOC subsidiaries the NOC said.

The new electric connection will mean that El-Fil will now be able to supply power to Sharara which in turn would allow Sharara to carry out the much-needed maintenance to its own power station – without stopping production.

El-Feel has started the process of providing the Sharara field with a capacity of 4 MW which was increased gradually until it reached 9 MW.

The process was carried out by the joint efforts and coordination between the mainly local technical teams of both companies and the support of the NOC.

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