Faragh oilfield development trails progressing: NOC

By Sami Zaptia.

(Logo: NOC).

London, 24 October 2019:

Libya’s state National Oil Corporation (NOC) reported today that pilot development trails for the second phase of the al-Frargh field were started yesterday by its subsidiary Waha Oil Company with the aim of increasing its production to a quarter of a billion cubic feet of gas and 15 thousand barrels of condensate.

The NOC said that this was an important achievement as part of its overall increased production targets.

Waha Oil Company reported that it had started pumping gas into the Intissar 103 field and from there, on to the coastline pipe network. This step is an important achievement for the National Petroleum Corporation and Waha, which will benefit citizens and the Libyan economy, it added.

It explained that the gas will be used to increase the efficiency of crude oil production in the Intissar 103 field and also with the possibility of using it to supply power plants in the eastern region to replace subsidized liquid fuels. This will save significant amounts and help preserve the environment, it added. The gas produced will also increase the supply of methanol plants and the Libyan-Norwegian fertilizer Company Lifeco at Brega Marina, it added.

As for the Sarir power plant, the NOC confirmed that it is still waiting for the completion of the gas pipeline installations, which it is implementing in cooperation with PetroJet company of Egypt.

The production of the Al-Faragh field in the first phase was 70 million cubic feet per day. With the completion of the second phase, the field’s production capacity will increase by 180 million cubic feet per day within two weeks, bringing the total amount of gas to be pumped from the Al-Faragh field to approximately 250 million cubic feet in November and producing 15,000 barrels of condensate, the NOC explained.

“Waha has finally been able to complete this vital project, which has been delayed for a long time due to the closures and security conditions in the country, and I congratulate the management of the company and its employees on this achievement,” NOC chairman Mustafa Sanalla said. “The National Petroleum Corporation is moving forward with steady steps towards achieving its targets as long as it has the right security conditions, funding and investment in a timely manner.”

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