Tripoli Ministry of Transport holds meeting with British embassy officials on airports, flight ban and training visas

By Sami Zaptia.

Libya’s Ministry of Transport held a meeting today with British embassy officials to discuss airports, the EU flight ban and training visas (Logo: Ministry of Transport).

London, 24 October 2019:

Tripoli’s Ministry of Transport reported today that it held a meeting at its headquarters, today, with British embassy officials. The meeting included the heads of Libya’s Civil Aviation and Airports Authority.

The Ministry reported that several topics were discussed, the most important of which was the reopening of Mitiga airport and coordination with the British Ministry of Transport regarding the establishment of training programmes in the field of aviation security and safety.

The provision of some security detectors for use at airports, the facilitation of the procedures for obtaining export certificates that are required by the British government on some equipment supplied to Libyan airports, providing the necessary British support to lift the ban on Libyan aircraft entering European airspace, as well as facilitating procedures for obtaining visas to the United Kingdom for the Ministry’s trainees, were also reportedly discussed.

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