Benghazi signs agreement to create urban masterplan with Greek company

By Sami Zaptia.

Benghazi Municipality signed a contract with a Greek company to draft a master urban plan for the city (Logo: Benghazi Municipality).

London, 29 October 2019:

Through its acting head, Benghazi Municipality signed a contract for the creation of a master urban plan for the city with Greek company LEEAD Consulting, Benghazi Chamber of Commerce revealed on Sunday.

The signing meeting included the eastern-based Governor of the Central Bank of Libya, Ali Hibri, representatives of the Greek Foreign Ministry, as well as engineering experts representing many Greek companies working in the fields of airports, ports, telecommunications and energy, the Chamber reported.

The report said that the urban master plan will include the city’s overall form until 2050, the design for a housing network in proportion to the population,  the distribution of tourist areas, the housing problem for displaced persons, the development of slums, the development of a water and sanitation plan, and the development of a vision for utilities, lake areas and energy centres.

A high-level delegation had visited Greece in the past few days, including Hibri, and members of the Benghazi Re-stabilisation Committee, to which LD 1.767 million were allocated in 2019 to complete contracts, build and develop infrastructure in the municipality and to improve the quality of services.

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