Benghazi University Entrepreneurship Incubator launched

By Sami Zaptia.

Benghazi University, the Benghazi Chamber of Commerce and Expertise France launched the Benghazi University Incubator on Sunday (Logo: Benghazi University).

London, 29 October 2019:

Benghazi University’s Entrepreneurship Incubator opened on Sunday with the participation of Benghazi Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture and with the presentation of 15 projects by students and budding entrepreneurs.

The project is conducted in cooperation with Expertise France.

Benghazi Chamber reported that the project will entail the equipping of Benghazi University’s business incubator, in cooperation with the Benghazi Chamber of Commerce, aimed at developing the universities in participating and supporting the localization of SME economic projects.

It is hoped that these projects will contribute to the advancement of young people, graduates and job seekers and those who want to enter the private sector and entrepreneurship. This will be based on successful studies and research and the development of job market opportunities for some professional disciplines and technical craft and the special nature of work, which contributes to the creation of promising business opportunities for young people and supporting the national economy, the Chamber reported.

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