Al Madar launches Libya’s first 5G mobile internet service – first in North Africa

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 30 October 2019:

Libya’s state-controlled and first mobile service provider, Al-Madar Aljadid, yesterday launched the first 5G mobile internet service in the country – and it claims in North Africa. 5G internet provides speeds of up to 1,200 MW/second.

Initially, the service will only be available in certain areas, but will be rolled out across the country over time.

Officially launching the service, internationally recognized Prime Minister of Libya, Faiez Serraj, said that the launch of the 5G service, is a path that will bring the country to smooth and continuous flow of information, and supports the government’s aspirations to build a knowledge-based economy that responds to the needs of individuals and institutions in various fields.

He added that this is seen as a qualitative leap, aimed at improving the quality of telecommunications and information technology services, on which all service sectors depend in the transition to the digital economy, allowing citizens to achieve their aims more quickly and provide the right environment that encourages the building of young people’s capacities.

Serraj said that despite the exceptional circumstances in which the country was going through, his government was moving forward on development tracks and working to improve citizens’ living conditions.

“Today’s achievement is complemented by other achievements that we seek to achieve in order to provide a decent life filled with prosperity and prosperity for our people,” he concluded.

The introduction of the service was welcomed, but it also invited criticism that Al-Madar’s previous service was patchy and did not live up to the advertised speeds.

It will also be recalled that internet and mobile connectivity rely on electricity and Libya’s power cuts have added to the country’s poor internet service. Madar’s 4G service was also criticised for being quite expensive – exhausting mobile users credits very quickly.

Nevertheless, it is not easy for companies to operate and launch new services in Libya with the instability and fighting – and Al-Madar has been able to launch the 5G service despite the very challenging conditions.

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