AGOCO completes ‘strategic’ power supply project at Sarir / Mesla oilfields to increase production

By Sami Zaptia.

AGOCO receives its power generators at its Sarir-Mesla oilfields to help increase oil production (Photo: AGOCO).

London, 8 November 2019:

Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO), a wholly owned subsidiary of Libya’s state National Oil Corporation (NOC), says it has completed a strategic power supply project at its Sarir and Mesla oilfields that are critical to its – and the NOC’s – increased production plans.

AGOCO said that after a gruelling 525 km off-road journey, it had successfully delivered the 84-ton power generators, supplied by US company Solar and delivered by its European agent EMI at Brega port, to the Sarir oilfield.

Commenting on the project, AGOCO chairman Mohammed Ben Shatwan said that ‘‘the L-63 electricity generation project, with a capacity of 36 MW, is one of the strategic projects achieved by AGOCO in recent years’’.

‘‘Upon the completion of the project, AGOCO will have overcome the problem of electricity shortage, and when fully operational, the electricity problem will be solved and the three mobile generation units in complex 2 will be exploited in the Sarir field’’, adding that ‘’everyone knows how the production process is related to the availability of the necessary power supply’’.

He pointed out that the power supply problems at the Sarir and Mesla fields have been worsening for years, which has negatively affected the production process in the two fields and that the generators were contracted for back in March 2018.

However, they were badly damaged during transport which meant they had to be returned to the factory for repairs under guarantee. They finally arrived at Sarir field on 19 October 2019 and are now in the process of installation with trial operations expected to begin in April 2020.

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