Libya’s Civil Registry Authority completes first batch of ‘Tamkeen’ trainees

By Sami Zaptia.

Tatweer Research is training Civil Registry Authority staff as part of project Tamkeen, a Libya-wide drive to raise performance standards at the Authority (Photo: Tatweer Research).

London, 16 November 2019:

Libya’s Civil Registry Authority (CRA) has today completed the first batch of trainees, which is part of its nationwide Tamkeen training programme. Tamkeen is implemented by Tatweer Research.

The training programme started in Tripoli and involves the training of about 1,500 CRA staff in Misrata, Derna and Benghazi. A new training centre will open in Sebha soon which is also to be followed by one in the Western Nefousa Mountains, Mohamed Bettamer the head of the CRA confirmed to Libya Herald.

The training includes IT, civil affairs law and new internal regulations. The CRA also supplied equipment, computers and power generators for the various training centres.

The CRA is the only Libyan state entity that is totally unified after the parallel body was ended in May 2017. It has about 400 branches across Libya registering births marriages and deaths. As a result, it holds a very important and sensitive database used for elections and the distribution of the annual state hard currency Family Allowance.

Recently the CRA was embroiled in controversy with the Central Bank of Libya over the accuracy of the data it holds. The database was the subject of corruption post 2012 when the authority was split and there was an attempt to politicize it.

As a result, the CRA brought in Tatweer which with the help of PWC to ‘‘clean’’ the database as part of project Intilaqa, by returning to the paper-based records. Bettamer is now confident that the database is much more accurate than when he had received it.


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