AGOCO increases production capacity at Nafoura and Hamada oil fields

By Sami Zaptia.

(Logo: NOC).

London, 23 December 2019:

Libya’s state National Oil Corporation (NOC) reported that engineers and specialists of its Arabian Gulf Company (AGOCO) subsidiary have increased production capacity at the Nafoura oilfield by 5,925 barrels per day. This came following the successful tie-in of well Y3 to production facilities at the field yesterday.

AGOCO also resumed production from wells Z1 and Z4 at the Hamada oil field, which had been offline since 2011. Production at the NC-5 concession area has reached 500 b/d as a result. The company is now working on restarting the next two wells (Z7, Z9) at Hamada, the NOC reported.

This comes as part of a strategy by the NOC to increase production rates in order to boost Libya’s economy.

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