Algerian-Libyan Economic Forum to be held in Algiers from 12-14 January 2020

By Sami Zaptia.

The Algerian Libyan Economic Forum, Algiers 12-14 January 2020 (Photo: LBC Benghazi)

London, 29 December 2019:

The Algerian-Libyan Economic Forum will be held in the country’s capital Algiers from 12-14 January 2020.

Tripoli Chamber of Commerce reports that the event will address Algerian-Libyan cooperation in all economic fields and consolidate joint action and overcome all difficulties in economic cooperation between the two countries.

Tripoli Chamber invites its members and business leaders wishing to participate in the event to contact it by email on [email protected] or by phone: (+218 21) 3333706. It informs that the participation fee is US$ 500.

Businesses in eastern Libya should contact the Libyan Business Council, Benghazi branch.

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