Libya-Tunisia land-based trade eased after two-year restrictions

By Sami Zaptia.

(Photo: Tunisia Live)

London, 13 February 2020:

Libyan-Tunisian land-based trade was eased on Tuesday after a meeting in Tunis between the Ministries of Economy and Customs Authorities of the two countries.

An official Libyan statement reported that the meeting was to ‘‘overcome the difficulties and solve the obstacles that may hinder the flow of goods and goods between the two countries within the framework of joint trade cooperation’’.

It was agreed at the meeting to allow the entry of goods and products of foreign origin into Libya through shared land-based border crossings with Tunisia, except for some goods for a temporary period.

The excluded goods included tobacco of all kinds, engines, used spare parts, fresh and dry fruits and ready-made clothing – which will be processed later.

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