Zallaf oil meets Petrofac to discuss implementation of projects

By Sami Zaptia.

Logo: Zallaf Libya Oil and Gas

London, 25 February 2020:

Zallaf Libya for Oil and Gas met with Britain’s Petrofac last Tuesday to discuss the implementation of the construction of surface production equipment and pipelines for crude oil transportation.

This comes as part of Zallaf’s preparations for oil exploration and production to implement the Arawin / Erawin oil field and start production from this oil field at the end of this year.

The meeting discussed the logistics and technical aspects related to the implementation of the project to build surface production equipment and pipelines to transport crude oil to the Arawin / Erawin oil field project from which the company intends to start production by December 2020 despite the difficult conditions in the country.

The two companies had held an earlier meeting in February.


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