Libya’s internationally recognized government ramps up anti corona virus measures: declares curfew and establishes quarantine centre

By Sami Zaptia.

(Logo: PC/GNA).

London, 22 March 2020:

Libya’s internationally recognized government, led by Faiez Serraj and based in Tripoli, declared a general country-wide curfew which commenced today. The curfew is from 6pm until 6am.

It excludes all necessary activities such as state, security and health institutions, pharmacies, environmental activities, electricity, energy, communications and transport.

The curfew also closes all mosques at all prayer times, educational institutions, cafes, restaurants, events halls, clubs, entertainment centres and commercial outlets.

It also bans funerals, weddings and mass transport but makes exceptions for food companies and outlets, bakeries, petrol stations – during non-curfew hours.

State institutions that are needed for life to continue must operate with minimum staffing and prevent large gatherings of staff.

The decree called on state security and justice entities to implement the curfew and warned that curfew breakers will be liable to punishment under existing laws.

The Tripoli Ministry of Health also announced the establishment of a quarantine centre at Mitiga airport which it said would open in the coming days.

The centre is equipped with mobile intensive care rooms, 12 rooms each with a bathroom, two detection rooms, an analysis lab, an observation room, a large room equipped with 12 beds for suspected cases, three offices, a prayer room a cafe and a laundry.

It will be recalled that, up to today and officially, Libya has reported no cases of coronavirus or deaths from the pandemic.

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