AmCham Libya launches new membership drive for those interested in business in Libya

By Sami Zaptia.

AmCham Libya is launching a membership drive despite the current challenging conditions (Photo: AmCham Libya).

London, 7 May 2020:

AmCham Libya facilitates business between the U.S. and Libya and has as its goal the promotion of a vibrant Libyan economy, while protecting and advancing the interests of our members, and the community as a whole, Amcham Libya Director Debbie Hirst told Libya Herald yesterday.

On Libya’s commercial potential, Hirst, who is still in Libya today despite the war on Tripoli and Covid-19 outbreak, explained that she ‘‘was drawn to Libya in 2013 and I have lived here ever since because of the fantastic combination of economic drivers’’.

Libya has a great need for investment in almost every sector

‘‘There is a great need for investment in almost every sector, and the country has the intrinsic wealth to do it. The country is beautiful, it is conveniently and strategically located and there is a population of talented business people and youth craving knowledge and experience. On top of that, Brand America is strong in Libya. American goods and services have a reputation of quality, and Libyans want to buy American’’.

Hirst pointed out that Libya’s state National Oil Company (NOC) opened its only non-Libyan office in Houston, adding that ‘‘American companies have a wonderful opportunity to contribute positively to the development of Libya, while also enjoying commercial success’’.

Libya is a high-risk country

Hirst does not sugar coat the current situation in Libya but is in it for long term commercial returns. ‘‘There are great challenges ahead, of course. I experience them every day, together with everyone else currently living here. There will be ups and downs. This is a high-risk country and we cannot expect it to improve dramatically overnight. However, we believe in a bright future for Libya, and we believe that by engaging now, companies will be in a better position to participate in Libya’s success in the future’’.

Hirst said she would like to encourage those interested in Libya to become a member of Libya AmCham. ‘‘I am excited to report that we have a great new Board with representatives from Aspen Medical International, Halliburton, Libya-Analysis, LTR Energy, Orkinand Reed Smith. All of these companies have significant investment or activities in-country. In addition, it is our honour and privilege to have U.S. Ambassador to Libya Richard B. Norland serving as our Honorary Chairman’’.

‘‘2020 will not be an easy year’’, she admitted. ‘‘but there are still benefits to be gained through AmCham membership. While the coronavirus situation continues to impact daily life, we will be focusing on providing opportunities to let members interact with high level US government officials and technical specialists via webinars. Once travel begins to normalize, we will study the possibility of organizing a trade mission. In addition, we are happy to respond to any particular needs of members including things such as information requests, introductions or recommendations’’, concluded Hirst.


For further information contact Debbie Hirst, AmCham Libya Director on

[email protected] or visit their website:

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