Sharara field reopens and is shut down again within hours by a different militia: NOC

By Sami Zaptia.

(Logo: NOC).

London, 10 June 2020:

In a farcical scene that embodies the state of post-Qaddafi militia Libya since 2011, the National Oil Corporation (NOC) confirmed the news late yesterday that its Sharara oilfield did indeed briefly reopen yesterday after the Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG) commander who had forced the last closure relented to demands to restart production.

However, only hours later, the NOC said, a second militia leader arrived from Sebha and forced the field to stop production again. The NOC has, as usual, vowed to take domestic and international legal action against both militia leaders.

The incident epitomises the continued status of the weak Libyan state and its inability to impose its political and military will on the whole country.


NOC confirms restart of production at Sharara oilfield


A day after UNSMIL welcomed the reopening of two Libyan oilfields, and called for the reopening of all its oilfields – NOC announces Sharara field is closed again


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