UNSMIL welcomes Libya’s investigations into mass graves, offers its help. U.S also offers its help

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 12 June 2020:

UNSMIL and the U.S. yesterday expressed their ‘‘horror’’ at the discovery of at least 8 mass graves, mostly in Tarhuna – which had been under the direct/indirect control of the Khalifa Hafter forces.

UNSMIL went on to say that ‘‘International law requires that the authorities conduct prompt, effective and transparent investigations into all alleged cases of unlawful deaths’’.

UNSMIL also welcomed Wednesday’s decision by the Tripoli-based Minister of Justice to establish a Committee to look into these mass graves and it called on its members to promptly undertake the work aimed at securing the mass graves, identifying the victims, establishing the cause of death and returning the bodies to the next of kin. UNSMIL said it was ready to provide Libya with support as necessary.

Meanwhile, the U.S. stated that it shared UNSMIL’s ‘‘horror’’ and said it ‘‘supports immediate efforts by Libyan authorities and international bodies to investigate these intolerable abuses and bring perpetrators to justice’’.

Yesterday the Tripoli based Libyan Justice Ministry said it had created a committee on Wednesday to investigate the deaths and injuries caused by IEDs and landmines as well as the mass graves in areas previously under Hafter’s control.


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