Tadawul Tech to launch locally created Electronic Payment Platform and increased products for partners

By Sami Zaptia.

Tadawul Technology is launching a new Electronic Payment Platform (Logo: Tadawul Technology).

London, 2 July 2020:

Tadawul Tech, one of Libya’s leading private sector fintech services providers, is launching its new Electronic Payment Platform, its General Manager Allaedin Khemaira told Libya Herald.

‘‘The platform will result in a qualitative shift in services provided to customers and will entail the

launch of new products to the Libyan market not seen before’’, he added. These will have a huge positive effect on the associated financial services and Apps used by Tadawul and its numerous partners’’, Khemaira explained.

Khemairs explained that ‘‘Tadawul’s local payment processor will allow the implementation of all contracts with banks in terms of the level of safety of use, speed and level of smart applications’’.

Moreover, Khemaira is particularly proud that the software for the new service platform was created using entirely local Libyan talent. This, he reminds, was created despite all the logistical challenges and circumstances that Libya is currently going through. He said that, nevertheless, Tadawul Tech is determined to push the boundaries and raise the bar for Fintech services in the Libyan market

He pointed out that earlier this year, Sahara Bank launched a new smart-chip-and-pin money card product that allows its holders to withdraw cash from ATM’s, direct top-up, get telecommunications top-up cards which is accepted at Tadawul network selling points.

The same product will be launched in the coming weeks for customers of Assaraya Trade and Investment Bank (ATIB) customers. The National Commercial Bank (NCB) will also launch a card directly linked to the account which will be accepted on the Tadawul network throughout Libya in the coming days, Khemaira revealed.

The complete move to the new local platform will take place in the coming days and weeks and under these difficult circumstances Khemaira looked forward to the support of partners and customers to reach the completion of the latest stages of implementation. ‘‘Very positive developments will be announced in the coming days and weeks’’, he promised.

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