Libya has 2.3 million state-sector workers: Labour Ministry

By Sami Zaptia.

(Ministry of Labour).

London, 3 July 2020:

Libya’s Labour Ministry, aligned to the internationally recognized government in Tripoli, announced Wednesday (1 July) that there are 2.3 million (2,303.897) state-sector employees. The statistics were the result of its half-yearly survey.

The ministry said in the statement that the number of employees in the administrative sector reached 1, 704, 744 employees, the number of employees outside the administrative apparatus reached 599.153) employees.

The number of employees in the 18-25 age group numbered 98,490 of which 57,725 were male and 40,765 were females. The number of employees between the ages of 26 and 45 were 1,266,564 of which 78,1752 were males and 48,4812 females. According to statistics, the number of male employees throughout the general administrative sector was 1,176,167, while the number of females were 1,127,730.


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