Labour Ministry warns against employing foreign workers in 22 occupations reserved for Libyans – no new work permits will be issued for these

By Sami Zaptia.

Libya’s Tripoli Ministry of Labour extends occupations prohibited for foreigners (Ministry of Labour).

London, 20 July 2020:

Libya’s Tripoli-based Ministry of Labour and Rehabilitation called Saturday on Libya’s entrepreneurs to abide by the non-employment of foreign workers in occupations that are prohibited for non-Libyans.

The Ministry reminded that there are 22 professions barred to non-Libyan workers, and for which it will not now renew work permits for foreign workers which may have been granted previously.

The Ministry explained that it seeks to provide a decent working environment for Libyan job seekers and therefore extensive studies have been conducted to identify the nature of occupations that meet the needs of the Libyan labour market, specifically restricted occupations, and to ensure that their restriction will contribute to the employment of Libyan youth without affecting employers in the local market.

He explained that the professions banned from working for non-Libyans include the expansion of restricted occupations to include workers in the fields of: education (kindergarten, primary, middle and secondary education); administrative professions (including printing, secretarial, data entry and administrative services); cashier work in all categories (whether payment or the receipt of revenues in all its forms); drivers of all categories and types, and transport supervisors; security guards (the profession of guarding facilities and sites of any kind or nature); mail distributors in offices, companies, ministries and institutions; ticket cutter for any activity; note takers; print and photography technicians; telephone exchange operators; library coordinators; metre readers; key cutters; sales professions of any type; store keepers; legal professions; session writers; calligraphers; social researchers, tour guides and public relations.


It will be recalled that the Ministry has launched a new interactive website to better help job-seekers find work.


Labour Ministry to launch new website to ease job searches


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