Following Libyan Wings, Afriqiyah and Buraq airlines announce restart of one-way flights to Istanbul

By Sami Zaptia.

(Photo: Afriqiyah).

London, 25 July 2020:

Following the announcement by Libyan Wings airlines on 23 July, Afriqiyah and Buraq airlines yesterday also announced that they will restart scheduled commercial flights to Istanbul from tomorrow.

These will be the first commercial flights since the Coronavirus curfew and lockdown. There have been during the lockdown exceptional flights transporting the war injured or repatriating Libyans stranded abroad.

The flights have been authorised by the Libyan authorities from Misrata airport to take passengers out of Libya, but they will not be allowed to bring passengers back into Libya.

Tunisia has not yet allowed flights to arrive from Libya.

Tripoli’s Mitiga airport announced that it plans to reopen sometime in August.


Libya Wings confirms resumption of one-way flights: Misrata-Istanbul as of 26 July


Misrata airport to reopen by Sunday 26 July exclusively for departing passengers


Tripoli’s Mitiga airport to reopen in August


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