Updated: 639 barbeque and slaughter-related burns and cuts reported over Eid period

By Sami Zaptia.

The Tripoli Burns hospital reported 420 Eid-related burns and injuries over the holiday period (Photo: LANA).

London, 3 August 2020:

There were 639 burn and injury cases over the Eid Al-Adha (feast of Sacrifice) period, Libya’s Tripoli Ministry of Health reported yesterday.

The Burns hospital in Tripoli reported 420  cases while Misrata reported 219 cases. The injuries were caused by the misuse of sharp instruments during slaughtering and by burns mostly associated with festive barbeques.

Tripoli Burns Hospital Director of Information Office, Ali Salem, was reported as saying that among the injured were five cases kept in the intensive care department and a sixth case in the burn department as a result of burns of varying proportions and grades. The rest of the injuries left the hospital after receiving the necessary first aid for minor cases.

Salem went on to say that the hospital had performed more than 150 surgeries, most of which were tendon shards and severe hand injuries. The hospital staff were praised for their intensified efforts in dealing with injuries until the late hours of the night over the holidays, especially in view of the fact that they continued to perform their duties during Libya’s uncontrolled Coronavirus outbreak.

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