Benghazi port receives 398 containers of mixed goods, 25,000 tons of wheat, 28,500 tons of barley and 6,000 tons of cement

By Sami Zaptia.

Imports continue to arrive apace at Benghazi port, including cement which is an indicator of increased post-war construction activity (Photo: Benghazi Port Authority).

London, 13 August 2020:

Containers of mixed goods and ships carrying grain and cement are amongst the ships that have docked this week at Benghazi port, its authority announced today.

The activity highlights the fact that trade continues, and Libya continues to import in the hundreds of millions of dollars of its oil revenues on goods from abroad.

Benghazi port authority reported that:

  • The container ship Luna F docked the with 118 containers of mixed goods and various goods on board.
  • The ship Tele Ras docked with 136 containers of mixed goods on board.
  • The ship Nana F docked with 144 containers of mixed goods and various goods on board.
  • The grain transport ship Santro docked with 25,000 tons of wheat grain on board.
  • The grain transport ship MITX docked with 28,500 tons of barley grain.
  • The cement transport ship Yasmine docked with 6,000 tons of cement bags on board.

The report indicates a number of factors. It shows that maritime trade and shipping is very active into Libyan ports and that Benghazi port has made full recovery playing its role in supplying the eastern region.

The continued import of cement indicates the uptake in construction activity in the country especially post war destruction, and the failure of local factories to restart full production after war damage and meet local demand.

It also indicates that the Tripoli Central Bank of Libya is still opening hard currency Letters of Credit , mainly from its reserves, despite oil exports having been blockaded since January.


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