Sebha Hospital oxygen factory site ready for equipment installation starting Sunday

By Sami Zaptia.

Sebha Hospital’s oxygen plant is ready for installation from Sunday, the hospital reported (Photo: Sebha Hospital).

London, 5 September 2020:

The Media Office of Sebha Hospital reported yesterday that the construction of the building to house the oxygen plant of its Respiratory Clinic is complete.

It expects installation of the oxygen-making equipment to start tomorrow.

It will be recalled that the Sebha Health Services Department received the oxygen plant from the Health Ministry on 22 July as part of the anti-Coronavirus effort.

“We received an integrated oxygen plant on Wednesday, 22 July,” said Abdul Jalil Abdullah, Director of Sebha Health Services. “The staff of the Respiratory Clinic and Isolation Centre are still stationed around the clock to receive, examine and follow up the (Coronavirus) cases inside the city, which increase daily unfortunately’’.

The installation of the oxygen-making facility will give the hospital, and probably other medical centres in the city and the south, independence from Tripoli and other major coastal Libyan sources of medical oxygen supply.

Oxygen is usually delivered to inland Libyan locations in cylinders, however, just like cooking gas cylinders, fuel and a myriad of other products, supply is usually very late in arriving to the south. This facility will hopefully give the south some self-dependence in medical oxygen supply.

The issue highlights the need for increased decentralization across all regions and cities from Tripoli to achieve independence in self-administration and management for the delivery of more efficient local services.

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