East Libya discusses cooperation with Egypt’s electricity company

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 7 September 2020:

The eastern Libyan Government’s General Authority for Electricity and Renewable Energies discussed with Egyptian authorities ways of co-operation in the field of electricity between the two countries during a meeting yesterday morning in Cairo.

The discussions included Libyan-Egyptian electric connectivity and a mechanism for increasing energy supplied from the Egyptian side to the Libyan side, especially in the coming winter, in order to make up the eastern electricity grid deficit.

It was agreed during the meeting to carry out maintenance of the Libyan-Egyptian connection lines and work to complete their maintenance as soon as possible in order to maintain their operation.

It will be recalled that Libya is experiencing acute power cuts and blackouts. These have contributed to the recent demonstrations and the subsequent political fallout.

Libya generates 4,250 MW of power, consumes 6,750 MW and hence there is currently a generation deficit of around 2,500 during the peak demand summer season. The Faiez Serraj government has promised some short term solutions within the next four months to the crisis.



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