Audit Bureau refers staff member to Attorney General on suspicion of corruption

By Sami Zaptia.

The Tripoli Audit Bureau has referred one of its employees to the Attorney General’s Office (Photo: Audit Bureau Tripoli).

London, 11 September 2020:

Libya’s Tripoli-based Audit Bureau announced yesterday that it had referred one of its employees to the Attorney General’s Office on suspicion of bribery. It confirmed that it had lifted the employee’s legal immunity. The Audit Bureau said that it had discovered the incident last Tuesday,

Audit Bureau head, Khaled Shakshak said he ‘‘will not hesitate in taking legal action against this corruption epidemic and its bearers until the country gets rid of it and recovers from it”.

He called on citizens, companies and institutions who are subjected to extortion, bribery or bargaining to obtain their rights and entitlements, not to bow to the corrupt, and not to hesitate to personally inform him of what they have been subjected to, pledging to do their utmost to enable them to obtain their full rights and to bring those involved to justice.

He said this action comes as part of the anti-corruption efforts within state institutions and as a result of the Audit Bureau’s actions in strengthening internal governance and ensuring transparency and seriousness in its investigation and reporting system.

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