NOC lifts force majeure on Zueitina oilfields and port – following Hariga and Brega

By Sami Zaptia.

(Logo: NOC).

London, 22 September 2020:

Libya’s state National Oil Corporation (NOC) announced today that it has lifted force majeure on Zueitina oilfields and port.

It said that it has over the past two days assessed the security at Zueitina oilfields and port which it reported showed a significant improvement in the security situation that allowed it to resume production and exports to world markets.

Accordingly, it says the operator of Zueitina has been instructed to initiate production arrangements.

The NOC said that it now classifies Hariga, Brega and Zueitina ports as ‘‘safe’’ and that the rest of its oil fields and ports are being evaluated in accordance with the occupational security and safety standards in place in the national oil sector.

By ”safe” the NOC means that the oilfields / ports are free from pro Khalifa Hafter local or foreign forces or mercenaries, including Wagner mercenaries.

The NOC pointed out that  Zueitina Oil Company is the main supplier of cooking gas and also an important source of gas for the coastal system, enabling the rest of the operators to feed the power  stations of Benghazi North and Zueitina power station with gas fuel. This, it added, relieves the suffering of the people in the major city of Benghazi and its environs and provides clean and regular gas fuel.

The lifting of the force majeure comes on the back of the political ”agreement’‘ between Ahmed Maetig, Faiez Serraj’s Deputy in the Presidency Council, and Khalifa Hafter to unblock Libya’s oil production and exports.


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