Kidnapping and murder of Tripoli woman sends shocks of insecurity through capital

By Sami Zaptia.

(Logo: Tripoli Ministry of Interior).

London, 24 September 2020:

The confirmation of the kidnapping and murder by the Tripoli Interior Ministry today of a middle-aged woman in Tripoli has sent shock waves of insecurity amongst residents of the capital.

The woman, Fathia Al-Lafi, was reportedly forced out of her grey Kia car and abducted on 17 September. Despite a social media campaign to locate her, yesterday her body was discovered in south Tripoli. The reasons for her abduction and murder are still unclear.

Today, the Tripoli Interior Ministry confirmed the arrest of a suspect who apparently confessed to her kidnapping and murder and led them to the location of the burial of her body.

While it is just one kidnapping and murder in a city of millions, but because the victim female and is publicly perceived as an innocent mother going about her business within the safety of her car – the murder has sent shock waves in the country.

With the background of country-wide demonstrations against corruption and poor living conditions, including power and water cuts, cooking gas and fuel and cash shortages etc, the murder-kidnapping incident has taken on more significance for the beleaguered Skhirat appointed Faiez Serraj government.

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