Innovation Committee to develop indicators to monitor innovation in Libya

By Sami Zaptia.

(The Tripoli-based Libyan Ministry of Economy)

London, 2 October 2020:

The Permanent Technical Committee of the Ministry of Economy and Industry for Measuring Innovation held its second meeting on Tuesday, 22 September at the Ministry’s Tripoli headquarters to discuss the draft executive plan for its work and the mechanism of cooperation with international institutions and organizations.

The Ministry reported that the committee will work mainly to enable innovation and enhance its role in the process of sustainable development. It will also highlight the importance of strengthening capacity in monitoring the movement of innovation in Libya, updating national innovation indicators and putting Libya in the global innovation and competitiveness index through cooperation with institutions and organizations with expertise in the field of innovation.

The Committee will also develop indicators and standards to measure the element of innovation in Libya to ensure the support of national policies, strategies, and plans.

To this end, the Committee reported that it had held a special meeting with Experts France via video link on Monday, 14 September, to develop indicators to monitor and analyse innovation in Libya.

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