Positive signs of change in Libya, Italy must support mayors’ process and engage in active presence: Libyan-Italian Chamber of Commerce

By Sami Zaptia.

(Libyan Italian Chamber of Commerce).

London, 5 October 2020:

The cessation of clashes between the armed forces of the East and the West, while waiting for and the ongoing meetings between the two belligerents in Morocco and Switzerland are the first signs of a positive development in the chaos that Libya has undergone in the aftermath of the post-anti-Qaddafi revolution dynamics, the Libyan-Italian Chamber of Commerce said today.

The path to elections remains very complex and talks between the two governments are looking for a road map that needs stability in Libya and broad international support that is expected to strengthen after the upcoming U.S. election, the Libyan-Italian Chamber of Commerce statement added.

It noted the positive and interesting signal from the meeting held in Tripoli on 1 October, in the presence of the 29 elected Mayors requesting parliamentary elections within 120 days to prepare for the referendum on the Draft Constitution. It described this as an action of strong responsibility, and a road map to which numerous other mayors not present at the Tripoli meeting support.

It said that this is a first step in influencing the institutional stalemate and conditioned by the divisive presence of the militias.

The Libyan-Italian Chamber of Commerce statement added that at the same time, the communities at the centre are calling for the demilitarisation of Sirte so that it can be elected as temporary neutral seat of a new provisional government that will prepare the country for general elections within the 18 months.

It said the recent agreements on the resumption of oil production and the constant and positive dialogue among the Mayors is a sign that, by overcoming the international dynamics that negatively affect Libya, a path to stability can be started.

The Libyan-Italian Chamber of Commerce statement said that Italy , involved in the Libyan crisis, must support this process initiated by the Mayors to hand over to the Libyan people the leadership of stabilization strategies so far operated by external forces that have only contributed to fuelling the conflict rather than supporting stability and cohesion in Libya.

It concluded by saying that, Italy, which has always been not only an economic partner, but a friendly country and inextricably linked Libya, must resume a policy of active presence in the Mediterranean, in the face of dynamics that dangerously undermine future stability and prosperity.


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