Bouznika Libya talks call on international support

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 6 October 2020:

The delegations of the Libyan Parliament (House of Representatives) and the High State Council, participating in the second round of the Libyan dialogue sessions in Bouznika, Morocco, called yesterday on the international parties to support the Bouznika track which they said had ‘‘achieved positive results”. The Bouznika, Rabat, Morocco talks had resumed on Friday 2 October.

The call for support from Morocco was directed at the Berlin Libya process states participating in a meeting on Libya on the side lines of the United Nations General Assembly.

During a press conference after one of the sessions, Idris Omran, House of Representatives member, expressed the two delegations’ thanks to the international parties involved in the Berlin process and participating in a meeting on Libya on the side lines of the United Nations General Assembly, for the efforts made to develop a comprehensive vision to end the Libyan crisis. He reminded the international parties of their previous commitments, especially paragraphs 37 and 38 of the Berlin 1 meeting outcomes, and called on them to support the Bouznika track that achieved positive results, the Moroccan official news agency reported.

The two delegations were also reported to have affirmed that the dialogue sessions “were dominated by a positive atmosphere and a spirit of optimism, which resulted in the unification of visions regarding standards related to the seven sovereign positions in Libya ”.

Idris Omran stated that the delegations had reached, in the first round of the Libyan dialogue last month, important understandings about the mechanisms of unifying sovereign institutions, stressing that there is insistence to complete the work on the issue of standards as soon as possible.

It will be recalled that the two delegations had first met for five days from 5 September 5 and had announced in a joint communique at the end of that meeting a comprehensive agreement on transparent and objective standards and mechanisms for appointing Libya’s main sovereign positions. The talks were planned for two days and had to be extended.

It is also worth bearing in mind that UNSMIL and the Berlin Libya conference supporting states do not see the Morocco, Switzerland and Egypt talks as alternatives or competitors to UNSMIL-led dialogues.

Commenting on the high level ministerial meeting on Libya on the side lines of the United Nations, UNSMIL Acting head Stephanie Williams said that yesterday’s UN high-level ministerial meeting on Libya emphasized that the UNSMIL-facilitated process should be the only game in town to  bring Libyans together to forge an inclusive political solution, and that and the International Community should unite behind and support these UN efforts.

Bilateral and regional initiatives (Montreux, Bouznika and Hurghada), she added, should all converge in support of the UN-facilitated process. Williams was speaking yesterday during a virtual press encounter.


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