Eight more missing persons’ corpses found buried in Tarhuna mass graves

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 13 October 2020:

The General Authority for Search and Identification of Missing Persons announced today that after days of searching and exploring the city of Tarhuna in the Rabat project, it discovered three mass graves located close to each other. Eight remains have been recovered so far. The searches are ongoing, it reported.

It will be recalled that the Authority, part of the Ministry of Justice of Libya’s internationally recognized government in Tripoli and charged by it to investigate missing persons, reported in July that 226 bodies and a number of remains were recovered in Tarhuna and areas south of Tripoli, during the period from June 5 to 16 July.

It will also be recalled that during the war on Tripoli, Tarhuna was under the control of the Kani brother, a family militia that ruled Tarhuna while reportedly violently suppressing other militias. On and off during Khalifa Hafter’s war on Tripoli, the Kani brothers were aligned to Khalifa Hafter.


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