HoR and HSC Cairo talks agree need to end Libya’s transitional period

By Sami Zaptia.

A delegation from the HoR and HSC agree the need to end Libya’s transitional period and to continue holding talks (Photo: Social media).

London, 15 October 2020:

Representatives of the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) and the High State Council (HSC) agreed that there is a need to end Libya’s current transitional period and begin arrangements for the permanent phase. They also stressed the need to continue holding meetings.

The agreements came during talks held on Tuesday in Cairo between the two Libyan internationally recognized entities.

In a statement issued at the end of Tuesday, the two parties said, “There were legal discussions about whether or not a referendum could be held on the current draft constitution, and several opinions and proposals were put on the negotiating table’’.

They added, “The two parties showed great flexibility in the dialogue, and agreed to continue discussions.”

The two sides expressed their desire to hold a second round in Egypt, to complete the constructive discussions on the constitutional arrangements. They also stressed the need for a societal dialogue to reach constitutional consensus that would allow the country to move forward on the constitutional path.

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